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Cartridge Evolution: Go Green! Brooklyn Festival 2018

This year, I was grateful to join the Go Green! Brooklyn Festival 2018 event. The event took place at McCarren Park in Greenpoint, Brooklyn. Each year, many organizations such as schools and green businesses gather at this Festival to promote sustainability practices and environmental conservation. Some of the hosted activities included a green school contest, yoga and Zumba classes.

This year was Cartridge Evolution’s first year at this Festival. It was great to share information on recycling e-waste and sustainability practices to parents and kids. Young people are the key voices to make the environment better in the future. Unfortunately, new evidence suggests that millennials are the generation that are least likely to recycle when compared with other generations. According to the Association for Convenience and Fuel Retaining, 41 percent of millennials admitted to tossing trash outside of car windows, 39 percent admitted to wasting food and 1 of 4 said they don’t recycle at all. The main reason this occurs is because millennials are confused about what can and cannot be recycled. For me, this is a major problem for this generation and our future.

As someone who works in the remanufacturing industry, I care about the environment and initiatives we can take to protect it. Based on the aforementioned information, I decided that the Go Green! Brooklyn Festival 2018 was a golden opportunity to educate the public about proper recycling practices. McCarren Park is gorgeous and was the perfect location for us to bring attention to our green initiative. At the event, we created activities that helped kids to become aware of what the differences are between e-waste, composting and plastics. I was happy to see young kids enthusiastic to learn and ask me about recycling. The children came up with fresh point of views about how they wanted to protect the earth and how they will recycle. Some kids were able to turn plastic and papers into a big rocket. This experience made me want to be a kid again.

At the end, I have to admit that it is always challenging to change people’s behavior to include recycling habits in their daily life. However, I also believe that this challenge is worth overcoming. If we teach our children about sustainable practices and the circular economy in every event we participate in, we will make a big difference to society in the future.



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