Frequently Asked Questions

What types of ink cartridges does Cartridge Evolution accept?
Any and all! We are happy to take non-virgins and virgin inkjet cartridges. We do not accept toner cartridges at this time.  

How many cartridges can I recycle?
Any amount! We simply ask that you specify the quantity, weight and type of cartridge when you contact us

What are the benefits of recycling cartridges?
Well, each year 350 million ink cartridges end up in landfills. By recycling, you are actively contributing to reducing that number and lowering your impact on this earth. Every ink cartridge becomes 3.5lbs of waste - imagine how such a small, lightweight object can become something so much bigger!  

...But really, what are the benefits?
At Cartridge Evolution, we are always looking for new ways to reimburse folks for their ongoing commitment to sustainability. If you are an organization looking to do a cartridge drive, we are happy to find a way to contribute to your community as a thank you for recycling with us. Please contact us if you have ideas!

What about for wholesale? 
We are committed to our wholesale clients who recycle with us. To determine exact reimbursement rates for recycling, please contact 718-788-0678.