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The expensive original cartridges are the profit makers for the OEM companies. Confronting the increasing market share of compatible ink cartridges, which, gravely undermine the interests of original cartridges, OEM companies, who attempt to monopolize the respective market share, employ every possible technical barriers and turn to various means of rights protection to confine the grows of compatible cartridges.


The time of copying has gone forever; the margin of compatible consumable is getting less and less with market change. In order to survive, numerous compatible suppliers unwillingly reduced the price of its compatible cartridges. Those low-cost compatible cartridges, not guaranteed in quality are in great risk of being sued by OEM companies for patent infringement.


Being much lower than original cartridges in price, compatible cartridges are still unparalleled to original cartridges in terms of brand reputation. Currently, the price of compatible inkjet cartridges become lower and lower and the risk of marking that compatible manufacturers have to meet will become larger and larger.


Based on independent innovation and holding on to favorable position in pricing, compatible manufacturers still need to attain technological progress by leaps and bounds against OEM and need more request to evade the patent barrier in order to establish range of proprietary intellectual property rights of its own, which, can fundamentally ensure the development of compatible consumable industry, to break the OEM’s monopoly of market share.